Practice Gear

  • All cuts, scrapes, burns, and assorted boo-boos should be covered when wrestling.
  • Please wear a snug fitting tee shirt and gym shorts or a singlet. Wrestling shoes are the only foot attire allowed on the mat. Wrestling shoes are to be carried in and changed into only in the gym.
  • NO watches, bracelets, chains, or piercing are to be worn on the mat as well as no jeans (cutoffs), zippers, or buttons. Loose clothing can be dangerous to hands and fingers. It is difficult to check the execution of proper technique when practice gear is too loose. Knee pads, mouthpieces and a soft cup are recommended. Headgear is part of the uniform and required at all matches and tournaments.

Singlets and Headgear

Singlets, headgear and wrestling shoes must be worn for matches and tournaments.

Gear and Apparel

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