A non-profit organization. We take great pride in teaching the kids self discipline, respect for themselves and others as well as sportsmanship.

Bensalem Youth Wrestling has been around for more then 25 years now. Training and completing in the great and maybe the oldest sport in the world, Wrestling. We teach proper technique, sportsmanship, discipline, coordination and team work. The saff and coaches are all volunteers and put plenty of time and effort into producing skilled and competitive wrestlers in a short time. BYW practices Monday,Wednesday and Friday at Bensalem High School. Starting early November, And will have meets, home and away on Saturday’s from the beginning of January until the end of February, with end of the season tournaments for novice and experienced wrestlers. We are a part of the Inter County Wrestling League. Which has about 3,000 wrestlers and over 40 teams.

Coaching Staff

Michael Riccardi, Head Coach
Eric Price, Assistant Head Coach
Michael Riccardi, Dual Coach
Den Horger, Coach
Joe Riley, Coach
David Robson, Coach
Steve Harris, Coach
Mike Carman, Coach


Executive Board
Eric Price, President
Mike Carman, Vice President
Michael Riccardi, Head Coach
Heather George, Treasurer
Jen Ryan, Secretary
Brynn Horger, Executive Administrator
David Robson, League Representative

Committee Leads
Steve Harris, Uniforms Officer/Apparel Officer
Michele Robson, Registration/Roster
Help Wanted, Concessions Officer
Nicole McAndrews, Fundraising/Special Events/Parents Liaison
Joe Riley, Alumni Officer